We offer accessories for pneumatic actuators, manufactured by Proval and Eurotec. Take a look at the wide range of our products by clicking the right category.

Positioners - positioners are a key component of any regulation system for a pneumatic actuator. Our offer includes positioners of the P/P, I/P and digital types.

Solenoid valves - compliant with NAMUR, they are used to control pneumatic actuators. Solenoid valves are mounted directly on actuators with a VDI/VDE 3845-compliant interface. We recommend A240 and MNF series monostable solenoid valves for typical applications. Our standard models are equipped with an air spring, which return to their initial position in the event of a power outage. Single-acting actuators utilize 3/2-way valves and dual-acting actuators use 5/2-way actuators. Thanks to a drop seal, the A240 and MNF series pilot solenoid valves can be easily set as 3/2-way or 5/2-way valves. Our offer also includes pilot solenoid valves adapted to explosion hazard zones.

Standard limit switches - have the IP67 protection. Enclosures are made of polyamide and aluminum. The basic variant has a flat enclosure with an optical indicator for position. Two mounting kits are available. The cheaper version is made of plastic, reinforced with fiberglass, while the so called ?chemical? version has a MBHV high-grade, stainless steel handle. Mounting kits allow the height and the mounting hole displacement to be adjusted for actuators with VDI/VDE3845-compliant connectors. Limit switches, also known as limit switch boxes, allow for the reading of different positions, thanks to adjustable cams. The position is detected by mechanical micro switches, magnetic switches (contactron / Hall) or induction sensors. We also offer limit switches compliant with the ATEX 94/9/WE standard. The Ex ia, Ex de and Ex t certificates are available. Our offer includes limit switch modules adapter to explosion hazard zones.

Mounting kits, together with couplings, allow to make an easy connection of the actuator to the valve and to transfer the torque between the two devices. They can be used in applications, in which the actuator has to be placed away from the fittings (for example due to high temperature) and when the connecting radius of the actuator and the fittings are not identical. Our offer comprises a wide selection of mounting kits and couplings, which allows for a connection of different kinds of actuators and fittings.

Flow reducers and silencers in different versions, suitable for solenoid valves or rotating pneumatic actuators.

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