Electric Actuators, Pneumatic Actuators, Manual Override Gearboxes, Fittings, Positioners, Limit Switch Boxes, Solenoid Valves, Mounting Bridges and Couplings.

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PS-Automation Electric Actuators

If there is no access to an air supply unit, or single fittings are being automated, electric Actuator is definitely a more economical solution. PS-Automation GmbH introduced a range of reliable electric actuators. Produced in Bad Dürkheim, the actuators can operate fittings with torque values up to 1000 Nm or force values up to 30 kN. The design includes a number of interesting technical solutions.

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PROVAL Pneumatic Actuators

PROVAL ProAir (PA) pneumatic actuators, with innovative design, are featured in ratchet-type construction and are available both in double acting and single-acting types. New-design actuators as standard are equipped with pins for adjusting the stroke of opening and closing.

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Accessories for pneumatic actuators

We offer accessories for pneumatic actuators, manufactured by Proval and Eurotec. Take a look at the wide range of our products by clicking the right category.

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About the Company

EUROTORQUE Sp. z o.o. was launched in 2003. The company specializes in sales, consulting and automation of processes involving electric and pneumatic drives. We also supply a range of accessories for the offered drives, including positioners, pilot solenoid valves and mounting kits.

A wide range of drives and accessories allows us to satisfy our customers? needs for efficient control of their production.
Our team provides professional technical consulting, to find a working solution to every problem.
Fast delivery of the products You need and their faultless operation will ensure Your peace of mind and long-lasting satisfaction.

We hope for a fruitful cooperation.