• PMV EP-5 Positioner


The P5 valve control system is modular. The basic unit of the system is a pneumatic positioner, used in single- and dual-acting applications. Modular design facilitates easy installation of additional accessories, such as an I/P converter or a feedback unit, which is isolated from the standard unit. Additional accessories can be factory-installed or mounted directly on site.

Easy calibration and service, coupled with easy adjustment of the range, zero position, and easy replacement of each component, are the main characteristics of this solution.

An I/P converter is installed directly on the position adjustment unit P5 (base module) and couples with it, to create an electromagnetic positioner EP-5. This solution does not require a separate air supply for the I/P converter, as the unit is supplied by the air from the P5 module. The standard input signal for the I/P converter is between 4 and 20 mA.


Input signal: 20 ˆ?? 100 kPa /3 ? 15 Psi (6 ? 30 optional)

Linearity: ? 0,5%

Hysteresis: ? 0,75%

Repeatability: ?0,5%

Amplification: (pressure 600 kPa/87 Psi) 1000 (kPa/kPa) Min 66%/% ISA S75.13

Air consumption at supply pressure:

0,2 MPa/29 Psi 5,4 nl/min 0.19 SCFM ; for EP5 6,1 nl/min 0,22 SCFM

0,4 MPa/58 Psi 12,3 nl/min 0,43 SCFM ; for EP5 13,6 nl/min 0,48 SCFM

0,6 MPa/87 Psi 20 nl/min 0,71 SCFM; for EP5 22 nl/min 0,78 SCFM

0,8 MPa/116 Psi 27,8 nl/min 0,98 SCFM ; for EP5 30,5 nl/min 1,08 SCFM

1 MPa/145 Psi 35,7 nl/min 1,26 SCFM ; for EP5 39 nl/min 1,38 SCFM

Air supply at supply pressure:

0,2 MPa/29 Psi 200 nl/min 6.9 SCFM

0,4 MPa/58 Psi 370 nl/min 12,8 SCFM

0,6 MPa/87 Psi 540 nl/min 18,8 SCFM

0,8 MPa/116 Psi 710 nl/min 24,7 SCFM

1 MPa/145 Psi 880 nl/min 30,6 SCFM

Supply pressure Max 1 MPa/150 Psi ; dla EP5 0,15?1 MPa/21,8-150 Psi

Temperature range: -20 0C to +850C (-40F to 1850F)

Connector threads: 1/4" NPT or G

Auxiliary connector threads: 1/8? NPT or G

Weight: 1.1 kg/2.4 lbs ; for EP5 1,5 kg/3,4 lbs

Input protection: for EP5 - IP 66/NEMA 4

* Percent of the full scale.

  • PMV D3 Digital Positioner
General The PMV D3 from flowserve is a digital valve positioner with an exceptional set of features and benefits. It?s extremely simple to use due to five configuration buttons and a large, clear graphic display. The zero bleed pneumatic relay produces operational cost savings due to the unit?s very low air consumption. Optional plug-in modules offer limit switches (mechanical, proximity and P+F inductive), 4?20 mA feedback and alarm with output function. Communication options include HART?, Profibus PA and DP, Foundation Fieldbus and Wireless ISA100 (see opposite).Advanced valve diagnostics including functionality for running scheduled or manual partial strokes (PST) is available with the optional ValveSight TM package.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            D3                                             
Łatwa instalacja Instalacja jest łatwa i szybka dzięki konstrukcji z dzielonym wrzecionem, urządzenie zawiera sprzęgło cierne dla czujnika sprzężenia zwrotnego i różnorodne zestawy montażowe dostępne z magazynu, aby dopasować się do większości siłowników dostępnych na rynku. Ustawnik D3 nie jest czuły na ukierunkowanie i montuje się go w siłownikach obrotowych i liniowych.Installation is simple and quick with split spindle design, a friction coupling for the feedback sensor and a wide range of mounting kits designed to fit the majority of actuators on the market. The D3 is not orientation sensitive and mounts on both rotary and linear actuators. IP66 / NEMA 4X, 7 i 9 The strong, die-cast housing is treated with a powder epoxy, protecting the unit from corrosion and mechanical damage. Additionally, the uniquely designed strut on the cover protects the graphic display. The screw terminals for the electrical connections are located in an isolated and sealed housing to protect the electronic components should moisture enter via the conduit.
 D3 TabelaD3 kodowanie
  • PMV D30 Compact Digital Positioner
The PMV D30 Digital Positioner series offers intelligent and reliable valve control. Its compact modular design with a variety of mounting options makes it the perfect fit for controlling all major types of valve. It is available with 4-20 mA, Hart, Profibus and Fieldbus communication plus a range of optional integrated limit switches and continuous position feedback. Communication via DTM provides even more information from the process and enables convenient remote configuration of the device. A user friendly menu system with a graphics LCD plus LED indicators are available for local operation. Its housing is weatherproof in accordance with IP66 and remote mounting is possible for extreme conditions.
  • Instant, accurate calibration by pushing two dedicated buttons simultaneously from any menu position
  • Sturdy housing, robust large spool valve and proven digital technology ensure trouble free operation for many years, even when plant environments are very demanding
  • The D30 suits rotary and linear valves as well as single and double acting actuators
  • Combines high precision for small valves with very high air capacity to handle large valves
  • ValveSight? DTM based predictive valve diagnostics provides overview of valve health to help avoid unplanned stoppages and to reduce maintenance costs
  • Scheduled or manual Partial Stroke Testing to ensure/validate On/Off applications can open or close valves when required
  • A wide range of spindle shafts and mounting kits available
  • The spindle shaft is preloaded to eliminate play in the feedback mechanism
  • Graphics LCD, three status LEDs and intuitive multi-language menu system

Benefits ? Reliable valve operation by robust and proven design ? Suits almost any control valve ? Very easy to install, configure and operate ? Suits small or large, rotary or linear valves ? Quick calibration and commissioning

Options ? Plug-in limit switches and 4-20 mA transmitter ? Hart, Profibus PA lub Foundation Fieldbus ? Add-on gaugeblock ? Dome indicator ? Plug-in pressure sensors for diagnostics with ValveSight? ? Remote or integrated mountingy

D30 TabelaD30 Kodowanie

  • A230 Pneumatic / Electropneumatic Positioners

Proval positioners are used for modulating service of rotary pneumatic actuators. They can be applied on a rotary actuator to control a butterfly, ball, plug valve or a damper. Positioners are availabe as, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic or smart (digital) type depending on customers process requiremens.  A230 PRP Pneumatic Positioners (P/P) : Pneumatic positioners are working with 3-15 PSI air signal and can be applied both on double and single acting actuators.


2. Podstawowe cechy. 

o  Brak rezonansu w zakresie częstotliwości 5 ÷ 200Hz.

o  Łatwa nastawa zera i zakresu.

o  Łatwa zamiana kierunku działania (zgodnie z ruchem wskazówek zegara ó przeciwnie do ruchu wskazówek  zegara).

o  Proste połączenie z siłownikiem

o  Szybka i precyzyjna regulacja.

o  Niskie zużycie powietrza.

o  Łatwe zabezpieczenie przed efektem oscylacji dla małych siłowników przez zastosowanie kryzy dławiącej.

o  Blokowa budowa pozwala na łatwe utrzymanie i serwis.



TypJednostronnego działaniaDwustronnego działania
Sygnał wejściowy4 ÷20 mA
Impedancja250 +/- 15 om
Ciśnienie zasilania0,14 ÷0,7 MPa
Zakres regulacji0 ÷90 °
Przyłącze zasilaniaNPT ??
Przyłącze manometryczneNPT 1/8?
Zabezpieczenie przecwwybuchoweExiaIIBT6, ExdmIIBT6, ExdmIICT6
Stopień ochronyIP66
Temperatura robocza-20 ÷ 70 °C
Liniowość+/- 2% zakresu
Histereza+/- 1% zakresu
Czułość+/- 0,5% zakresu
Powtarzalność+/- 0,5% zakresu
Zużycie powietrza21,5 l/min przy 6 bar ciśnienia zasilającego
Wydajność350 l/min przy 6 bar ciśnienia zasilającego
WagaOkoło 2,8 kg łącznie z mostkiem montażowy


4. Wykonanie standardowe:

  • Wykonanie Ex dm IIB T6
  • Dla napędów dwustronnego działania

5. Wymiary.