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PS-Automation Electric Drives

If there is no access to an air supply unit, or single fittings are being automated, electric drive is definitely a more economical solution. PS-Automation GmbH introduced a range of reliable electric drives. Produced in Bad Dürkheim, the drives can operate fittings with torque values up to 1000 Nm or force values up to 30 kN. The design includes a number of interesting technical solutions.

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Manual Override Gearboxes

Standard equipment:

  • 2 drive-side connectors
  • 1 fittings-side connector

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PROVAL Pneumatic Drives

Siłowniki pneumatyczne typu PROVAL ProAir (PA), o nowatorskiej konstrukcji, mają budowę typu mechanizmu zębatkowego i są dostępne zarówno w typie podwójnego działania, jak i jednostronnego działania. Siłowniki o nowej konstrukcji są wyposażone standardowo w sworznie do regulacji skoku otwarcia jak i zamknięcia.

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REVO Pneumatic Drives

REVO alternating drives are designed to actuate fittings with a 90° angle, such as ball valves or butterfly dampers. REVO drives can also be used in applications requiring a rotational movement of 180°. All REVO drives can be used as modulating drives or open/close drives.

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Accessories for pneumatic drives

We offer accessories for pneumatic drives, manufactured by Proval and Eurotec. Take a look at the wide range of our products by clicking the right category.

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